Difficult winter ahead, citizens urged to save electricity


All the preparations for the upcoming winter in the field of energy have been made, assure the authorities who do not hide that the country is expecting one of the most difficult winters in the last decades in the field of energy.

All domestic facilities for the production of electricity will be put into operation, and the procurement of the necessary quantities of fuel oil and coal is nearing completion. The government also urges to citizens and institutions to save electricity.

ESM assures that they will fully meet the needs of EVN Home, Elektrodistribucija and MEPSO. ESM Director Vasko Kovachevski says that all necessary purchases were made on time and at reasonable prices. About 25 million euros were spent on the purchase of fuel oil delivered so far, and about 30 million euros on coal. If there is a shortage of energy during the winter, it will be imported, but, according to the ESM head, it would be very small amounts.



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