Levica: SDS and DUI rehabilitated fascism and destroyed ASNOM


During the rule of the pro-Bulgarian SDS and the amnestied DUI, Macedonia, as never before, faced a complete resumption of Bulgarian supremacy and the destruction of the ASNOM foundations, said opposition political party Levica on Tuesday.

“While a fascist occupier is being erased from monuments, we are witnessing a new registered association, following the example of the club of the proven fascist collaborator “Vancho Mihailov”. In the past period, there has been a scandalous association in Ohrid, whose president is a certain Tome Blazheski, which is named after the fascist Bulgarian Tsar Boris III! Neo-superarchist and neo-ballist elements in power, which completely brought Macedonia into submission to the neighboring chauvinisms, have no legitimacy to speak about Asnom and Ilinden ideals of freedom, defiance and independence. They will be remembered in history as mercenaries who destroyed the foundations of Macedonian statehood, and before that they will be prosecuted for high treason,” reads Levica’s press release.

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