Two extraordinary inspections of the DIZS after fish-die offs at the estuary of Kumanovka into Pchinja


The two entities, the sewage treatment plant from Dobroshane, Kumanovo and the vegetable processing plant from StaroNagorichane, should submit measurements according to the environmental reports on Wednesday, announced the State Environmental Inspectorate (DIZS) after the extraordinary inspection.

The inspectorate carried out two extraordinary inspections in both subjects, after the fish-die off at the confluence of the Kumanovka with Pchinja under the “Iskrin Most” Kumanovo and after the reaction of citizens that in Pčinja near Dragomance, municipality of StaroNagoricane, a certain liquid is being released that changes the color of the river in purple.

The inspection teams should submit the measurements according to the approved environmental report by Wednesday, the inspectorate said.

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