Macedonia at the 135th spot out of 142 countries according to military power


The annual Global Firepower report, which evaluates the military power of each country, shows that the United States tops the list, followed by Russia, China and India. Japan, South Korea, France, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Brazil are also in the top ten strongest armies.

The annual report assesses countries’ military capabilities, from the variety of weapons and available manpower, to geographic location and financial power, to determine which nations dominate the world in terms of military power. More than 50 factors are evaluated in the analysis.

In the region, the largest military power is Serbia, ranked 61st in the world. Right behind Serbia is Croatia, which is in 62nd place. Montenegro is in 132nd place, Albania 115th, North Macedonia 135th, Kosovo 140th out of 142 countries taken into account. Last on the list are Iceland and Bhutan.

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