SAO Report: Low level of implementation of government measures to reduce the effects of the pandemic in tourism


The State Audit Office (SAO) on Friday released the final audit report: “Efficiency of the measures and policies taken to reduce the effects of the pandemic in the tourism sector.” It states that there is a low level of implementation of government measures and that the unavailability of timely, consolidated and clear data on the financial support granted makes it impossible to prepare efficient analyses.

The realization of the “vouchers for domestic tourism”measure is 55 percent of the planned 704,106,000 denars, the measure “grant for tourist guides” is realized with 52 percent of the planned 9,800,000 denars, “grant for travel agencies” is realized with 68 percent of the planned 116,850,000 denars, the return for tourist tax for 2019 is 48 percent of the planned 120 million denars, the “hotels outside the tourist centers” project worth 64,600,000 denars was completely unrealized, and the measure “financial assistance for travel agencies” was realized with 61 percent of the planned 86,100,000 denars.


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