Thirty years of Macedonian Army ARM


Four active generals, a large number of officers and non-commissioned officers as well as thousands of recruits in 1992 began the realization of the greatest patriotic duty to ensure peace and stability for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, who only a few months earlier in a referendum declared for an independent and independent state with secession from the long-term joint arrangement with Yugoslavia and the then the JNA.

The key role in securing the territory of the country, after the departure of the army of Yugoslavia, was played by the well-organized Territorial Defense, which first took over the vacated barracks, and immediately afterwards, within 10 days, completely secured the borders, i.e. took over the watchtowers. With the agreement signed on February 21, 1992, between the general of the JNA Blagoja Adzikj and President Kiro Gligorov, the deadline of April 15, 1992 for the withdrawal of the JNA from the state was determined.

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