Police hire 590 new police officers


Regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion, you wear the same uniform, you are part of the same institution and you will fight together against the common enemy of our common country, which is crime, President Stevo Pendarovski said at the promotion of 590 new police officers – generation 2021/2022, which was held at the Training Center of the Ministry of the Interior in Idrizovo.

The head of the state told the new policemen that the citizens see in them motivated, dedicated professionals who will responsibly and consistently perform their duties, serve their country and protect the lives and property of their fellow citizens.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski congratulated the new police officers who gave a solemn statement today on their success and emphasized that this generation of police officers has achieved the best result in the last ten years.

“You spent a year on the track that allowed you to have, I would say, a little insight into what it means to be a police officer. You had the opportunity to test your limits, to exceed your own and others’ expectations. To see that the police profession is faced with daily challenges that need to be answered immediately, but it also brings great satisfaction with every result achieved as a service to the citizens, with every successful implementation as a guarantor of security”, said Interior Minister Spasovski.

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