Vine farmers protest in Negotino – they demand higher prices for grapes and better production conditions


Grape vine farmers are protesting in Negotino, and are demanding higher prices for grapes and better conditions for viticulture. The dissatisfied farmers say that this is a warning protest and they expect to be offered better conditions for the purchase of this year’s crop.

They elaborate that most of the wineries manipulated again by offering less money for a kilogram of grapes, if they make the payment immediately after the purchase.

Stefan Stojchev from the village of Sopot in Kavadarci is a young viticulturist who owns 30 hectares of vineyards and believes that the protest will draw public attention to the problems of viticulturists.

“We have been facing the wine mafia for years. Most of the wine cellars manipulate when it comes to purchase, prices, sugar content, weight measurement, payment. It is proper to put an end to all these viticulture sufferings and finally the growers and winemakers, through the mediation of the competent services, work in the interest of both parties and the promotion of Macedonian grapes and wine”, Stojchev said.


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