Storm over Skopje forces Wizzairplane to land in Ohrid


The Air Traffic Control informs that there was no forced landing of a plane at the Ohrid airport, after it was announced that the plane on the flight from Ohrid to Germany, however, returned and made a forced landing in Ohrid.

An Airbus A-320 plane of the Hungarian low-budget company Wizzair, on a regular route from Ohrid to Friedrichshafen, which on the way to Germany had to land in Skopje to replace the crew due to overtime work, then continue to the final destination.

M-NAV states that due to the storm that hit the capital in the afternoon, the plane could not land in Skopje and the captain circled five or six times over the Skopje airport waiting for better weather conditions, after which the plane safely returned to Ohrid.

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