Business cannot withstand the impact of the electricity price, Government should react urgently, says Economic Chamber


Currently there is no greater issue for the Macedonian economy than the electricity price. The Government must find balanced solutions which will ensure the survival of the business sector. If that doesn’t happen, many businesses will close and jobs will be lost. If people are left without salary, they will not be able to pay their bills, regardless of how subsidized they are by the Government, said the Economic Chamber on Monday.

According to the Chamber, an immediate reaction is needed because time is passing and the risks are increasing.

The Economic Chamber expects its proposals to be reviewed by the Government this week, and to be accepted.

“In front of me I have specific data on the electricity bill of a company that is a member of the Chamber. Although in July of this year the company used less electricity than July of last year, its electricity bill this year is almost six times higher than in July of last year. Last year for July she paid about one million denars, and this year for July a total of six million denars. Which business sector will endure this and until when”, said the Chamber’s Vice President Zoran Jovanovski.

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