SEC reveals final results for mayoral elections in Mavrovo and Rostushe and Centar Zhupa and for councilors in Tetovo


At Tuesday’s session, the State Election Commission (SEC) announced the final results of the voting for mayor in the municipalities of Mavrovo and Rostushe and Centar Zhupa, as well as for councilors in Tetovo.

In Mavrovo and Rostushe, Medat Kurtovski from the coalition Best for my municipality, led by SDSM, was elected mayor, and in Center Zhupa – Arijan Ibraim from the Democratic Party of the Turks.

“In the elections for members of the Tetovo Municipality Council, SDSM won 1,953 votes or two mandates, VMRO-DPMNE 3,332 votes and four mandates, DPA – 1,058 votes or one mandate, Integra – 161 voters and is without a mandate, Group of voters Agon Zaimi 206 votes and is without a mandate, Alternative 1118 votes i.e. one mandate, Alliance for Albanians 777 votes and no mandate won, Besa 9620 votes and won 12 mandates, DPTM 327 votes and no mandate, Group of voters Eljmedina Abdullahi 675 and no mandate, DUI 8,795 – 11 mandates, PCER 371 votes and no mandate, Levica 646 and no mandate.

651 ballots were marked invalid. In the elections for councilors in Tetovo, 29,690 voters – 35.31 percent – practiced their right to vote.

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