Electricity price to go up as of January 1


The price of electricity will increase after January 1, 2023, ESM head Vasko Kovachevskitold TV 24 on Tuesday evening,

“Power restrictions are not an option,” Kovachevski added.

The ESM head added that ‘ahead of us is one of the harshest winters in the past 70 years’. Kovachevski said that the country has limited resources, and mentioned the quantities of coal, the quality, the hydrology.

“The price is paid by the citizens and the state due to external influences, the military-political crisis, the economic crisis, the social crisis, the COVID-19 crisis. As a country, we are very small and we are not powerful, neither financially nor in terms of industry and capacities, to deal with certain crises on our own”, Kovachevski said.

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