Government to declare state of crisis in energy sector on Thursday


The Government is expected to declare on Thursday a crisis in electric and heating energy .The state of crisis should come into force as of September 1. The Government assures that there will be no electricity restrictions in the upcoming winter period. There will be no electricity restrictions, nor are they expected if everything goes according to ESM’s plan, said Bekteshi at the press conference with the director of ESM where he presented the government’s savings measures ahead of winter.

With this move by the Government, it will be possible for the state energy companies to receive more money in times of crisis, all with the aim of increased electricity production and the purchase of coal and fuel oil.

The business community previously came out with alarming data about the problems facing the private sector. Due to the increased costs of electricity bills, businessmen are looking for urgent financial assistance or the provision of cheaper electricity for the real sector. On the contrary, they warn that many companies will go out of business, and a large number of workers will lose their jobs.

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