Stoilkovski: Kovachevski and Zechevikj should apologize for humiliating the people


Half a million Macedonians live in hunger, 500 thousand survive on less than 150 denars a day, and Kovachevski and Zechevikj are reluctantly wasting money, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stiolkovski on Thursday.

Stoilkovski points out that Kovachevski and Zechevikj reached the peak of hypocrisy and humiliation of the Macedonian people with this act.

“In conditions of harsh poverty, crises and insecurity, Kovachevski and Zechevikj, with extreme underestimation, squander money, literally throwing it into the mouths of the poor people. Kovachevski and Zechevikj are trying to compensate for the support of the people with money, aware that they do not have it, that Macedonia is deeper and deeper into crises, and the culprits are SDSM. Wasting stolen taxpayers’ money does not build trust,” said the opposition spokesperson.

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