Nikolay Dimitrov: The new inspection of the Struma highway about the the Besa Trans accident bus has begun


Nikolay Dimitrov, the lawyer of part of the family of the dead and injured passengers from the Besa Trans bus accident on the Struma highway in Bulgaria, told the MIA correspondent from Sofia that the inspection of the field has already begun.

The expert team started the inspection three kilometers from the bus accident and the goal is to show if there are cause and effect circumstances that led to the accident.

The surface of the roadway, signs, markings and all other elements that can give an answer to the question of how exactly the accident happened are checked. The lawyer commented that the inspection will show what was missing on this part of the Struma highway and whether that deficiency was the main cause of the accident.

Dimitrov also points out that the families of his clients clearly ask if only the dead driver is to blame or if there is another circumstance that led to the terrible accident. They also ask the question of what happened to the personal belongings and luggage of the deceased, as well as to gold valuables and ornaments which they had on them, but they were not registered by the Bulgarian authorities and no one returned them.

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