Government declares energy crisis, saving measures start next week


The Government on Thursday evening declared a state of crisis in the supply of heating energy in the area of ​​the City of Skopje and in the supply of electricity at the national level. Both decisions will start to be applied as of September 1 and will last 30 days from the day of the start of application of these decisions.

The first decision was made due to the lack of heat energy, the possibility of using alternative fuel and the conditions of the heat energy market, and the second due to the lack of electricity and the conditions of the electricity markets.

Starting from the day these decisions kick in, as announced on Thursday by the Government, the Commission for Monitoring the Situations with Electricity Supply and for Monitoring the Situations with Thermal Energy Supply constantly monitors, will analyze and asses the state of the electricity and heating and energy markets and proposes measures according to the decrees that regulate the criteria and conditions for declaring a state of crisis.

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