SDSM, in addition to stealing, continues to underestimate the people


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in a Facebook post on Friday said that SDSM, in addition to stealing, continues to underestimate the people.

In the local elections last year they lost disastrously and were completely delegitimized by the people, and this year in the early elections for the council in the municipality of Tetovo they continued and deepened the disaster with another defeat, winning twice less votes than VMRO-DPMNE. Instead of learning from the catastrophic defeats, they continue not to tell the truth, Mickoski says.

Speaking of truth, here are the facts:

  1. After I was appointed as an adviser in the government in April/2015, until my dismissal as ELEM director in August/2017, electricity for citizens become cheaper from 4.47 den/kwh to 4.45 den/kwh or about 0.5%.

What is the price of electricity paid today by citizens and the economy?

As of June/2022, citizens were paying 5.87 den/kwh or about 32% more expensive electricity than when I was fired from the position of ELEM director, after the last price increase from July 1 of this year, citizens are paying for more than 50% more expensive electricity, and the economy, more precisely the companies, 400% more expensive electricity.

What are the financial results of the company ELEM today’s ESM?

I left ELEM with a full cash register, whole 30 million euros, more precisely 25 million euros in deposits, 5 million euros of money in the account and zero debts. In 2020, ELEM today’s ESM records a loss of 16.7 million euros, and the loss in 2021 reaches a fantastic 28 million euros.

Wasteful work, crime and ignorance are the main reasons why citizens pay for more than 50%, and companies for 400% more expensive electricity.

That is why they continue to blatantly lie and that is why they continue to underestimate the people. Hiding behind false statements does not cover the truth. The day will soon come when you will face the people and lose. And then I promise you responsibility for all the wrong policies, crimes and betrayals you brought to the people and Macedonia, said Mickoski in a Facebook post

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