We are closer to snap elections than to changing the Constitution due to Bulgaria


We are closer to snap parliamentary elections than this Parliament has a chance to vote on constitutional amendments. Part of the MPs believe that an unnecessary media argument is being opened between the largest parties, in conditions where we are far from consensus and civil support on this issue, says Pavle Trajanov, leader of the Democratic Union (DS).”It is quite certain that this parliamentary composition will not be able to make constitutional changes. It is necessary to think about opening a debate on holding snap parliamentary elections or, as a second option, to make a broad government that will solve the difficult situation in the country related to the energy and economic crisis and the stability of the country related to the war in Ukraine. We as DS demand reciprocity – if the Bulgarians are included in the Constitution, then the rights of the Macedonians in Bulgaria should be recognized and that is our condition,” said the MP from the majority PavleTrajanov.

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