72,000 companies to receive subsidized electricity


During the visit to REC Bitola, where the Miners’ Day was celebrated, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi rejected and considered as wrong the claims of the opposition leader that the country does not subsidize the economy.

“A leader of a certain political party in the opposition said yesterday that currently the business community, that is, the economy as a whole, is not being subsidized. That is not true, noted the Minister of Economy Bekteshi and added that his estimates that the price of electricity for the economy will be 235 euros per megawatt hour are not correct because it will amount to 200 euros, which means the difference is 35 euros and as an electrical engineer that he should know it. Currently in our country, as he pointed out, 72,000 companies are on the regulated market and are supplied with electricity from AD ESM.

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