VMRO-DPMNE remains on the referendum plan


“The authorities signed a disastrous agreement with Bulgaria regarding Macedonian national issues, and we actually see that with the implementation of that agreement, here we see the first steps with the change of historical facts in relation to the Middle Ages. We, VMRO-DPMNE, have not given up on the referendum, but are actively and intensively working. We said that at the end of this month and the beginning of September we will come up with concrete positions regarding the issue and the way in which this referendum would be implemented. I hope that the authorities will gather enough courage and give the people the opportunity to express their opinion regarding the Bulgarian proposal and regarding this controversial agreement they signed, said Aleksandar Nikoloski, MP and Vice President of opposition VMRO-DPMNE during an interview with Kanal 5 TV.

Nikoloski added that ‘VMRO-DPMNE remains on the plan for the people to say in a referendum what they think about the disputed proposal and what they think about the change of the Macedonian language, Macedonian history, culture and the identity of the Macedonian people’.

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