Kovachki urges all citizens and social actors regardless of party affiliation to come out and support the referendum in order to preserve Macedonian identity


This is about a supra-party issue, it is about a national issue and from this place I call on all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, all the social actors to join us in gathering, that is, in supporting our Initiative. What I can say is that we expect that Referendum to be successful, noted the MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Dragan Kovachki in an interview with Sitel News.

During the interview, Kovachki asked the Government to accept the results of the citizens who will state their opinion on the referendum question.

“I want to draw a parallel with the Prespa Agreement. There was a Referendum and the Government declared it a success with several hundreds of thousands of votes where they declared victory even though we know what the result was. Thus, even if it does not succeed, and I believe it will succeed, we will call on the government to act in the same way as it acted with the Prespa Agreement, that is, to accept the results of the citizens who will decide to share their opinion on the referendum question,” Kovachki said.

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