No end to party employments – unqualified SDS official gets a MKD 55,000 job in the AEK!


The scandal with the employment of Besmira Ejupi in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet subsided, the anti-Macedonian SDS still has no real answers as to why Ejupi deserved to be part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and whether this is not a step towards her appointment as consul general, and yet the scandals of political patronage (fictional job positions) of party favorites and officials, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski pointed out at a press conference on Saturday.

The party official of the anti-Macedonian SDS, Emilija Kosturski, has been employed at AEK for a salary of 55,000 denars for the position of associate for information technologies, and comes from the position of a long-time teacher in the secondary medical school in Bitola. The anti-Macedonian SDS must explain how the Agency for Administration assesses that the 56-year-old teacher from a medical school in Bitola is more suitable for the position of associate for information technologies at the Agency for Electronic Communications of the Republic of Macedonia (AEK), is more suitable than a 35-year-old with a diploma in IT studies, who also applied for the job,” Stoilkovski stressed.

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