Victim found dead in a Kavadarci house was stabbed and set on fire, police search for suspects


The initial finding of the autopsy on the body of a deceased man, which was found in a family house in Kavadarci on September 8, showed that the deceased was killed with multiple stab wounds and then burned, the state Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

“In view of the established facts, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Kavadarci is taking intensive actions to discover the perpetrator or perpetrators. Immediately after the body was found, an on-site inspection was carried out, and now, by order of the public prosecutor, additional inspection actions and conversations with several people are being carried out,” informs the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

As it was reported the day before yesterday, the public prosecutor on duty from the Kavadarci Public Prosecutor’s Office inspected the place in a family house where the deceased 70-year-old man was found.

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