Ministry of Defense releases job ad for 200 professional soldiers


The Macedonian Ministry of Defense released on Wednesday a public ad for recruitment of 200 professional soldiers for service in the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia. The deadline for registering candidates is 15 days, including the day of the announcement.

According to the new legal amendments for service in the Army, future professional soldiers from the moment of signing a contract will receive an initial salary of over 25,000.00 MKD with an additional over 9,000.00 MKD – funds for housing security from 01.01.2023, the Ministry of Defense said.

The conditions for registering the persons are that they are citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia; to be of legal age; to have completed at least secondary education; not to be older than 25 years on the day of the end of the admission notice and to be healthy and physically fit.

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