VMRO-DPMNE: MFA has turned into a ministry for hiring officials’ relatives, that’s why diplomacy is down to this level


Bujar Osmani, Kovachevski and the anti-Macedonian SDS divided the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that is why Macedonian diplomacy is at this low level. Bujar Osmani is still lying to the public and saying that the newly hired wife of SDS MP Martin Kostovski is a necessary staff member who had the appropriate qualifications, as if they were dealing with capacities equal to a miracle, said VMRO- DPMNE in a press release on Wednesday.

“What capacity and qualifications do such staff have, to have an advantage over thousands of other young and capable people who studied, invested in themselves and upgraded themselves, but still do not have the luck to get a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why wasn’t a job ad published, so that other, probably far more capable staff chould apply for that job ad,” said the opposition party.

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