Nuredini: If we use anything to produce heat, we will poison our children with pollution


The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Naser Nuredini urged the citizens not to use harmful heating materials in order to avoid air pollution during the heating season. The minister’s appeal was a reply to a media question on how the government will deal with this potential danger, due to the ever-higher prices of the resources used to heat households.

“This does not mean that we should use anything we could find to produce heat to heat our homes, we ask that all citizens be more efficient and conserve energy. It is cheaper to heat with electricity, pallets, etc. But this means that if we use biomass for heating, we should take care of its quality and not burn everything possible. I think we are aware and will take care of our environment If we use just anything to produce heat, we will poison our children and families with pollution,” Nuredini said.

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