Kovachki: Hiring professional soldiers viathe Arachinovo party branch is with the knowledge of deserter Kovacevski and Zechevikj, we demand resignations and responsibility


DraganKovachki, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee at tWednesday’s press conference, asked to comment on yesterday’s SDS scandal, through which the party branch from Arachinovo called for the employment of professional soldiers, stressed that it is a debacle for the Government, for PM Kovachevski, and for Defence Minister Petrovska, as well.

“This is a debacle for the Government, for Kovachevski, for Petrovska and for their entire cabinet. I am embarrassed that these people represent Macedonia, which should participate in NATO summits, I am embarrassed that Macedonia is led by such incompetent, criminal people who divide the country. This is a shame for the Macedonian army, this is proof that the SDS is partisan, everyone from the cleaner to the minister. Their mouths are full of standards and NATO, and advertisements for professional soldiers pass through the staff filter of the Arachinovo branch. It was not done by one’s own hand, it was done at the direction of the deserter Kovachevski and Mile Zechevikj. Disgraceful,” MP Kovachki said

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