The fight against corruption is only theoretical, in practice it is rarely visible


The fight against corruption is rarely visible in practice and it is only theoretical, however, citizens’ awareness of the harmful consequences of corruption is increasing, said the participants of today’s final conference within the project “Monitoring of national activities in the fight against corruption”.

The head of the Institute for Human Rights, Margarita Caca Nikolovska, stresses that the real efficient and effective fight against corruption is still at an unsatisfactory level, as well as that there is great dissatisfaction among citizens, and a general opinion that there is a lot of corruption in every segment of social life.

“The biggest problem is the suppression of corruption, at the same time and the practice in the direction of responsibility for those who caused it, supported it, make that corruption at a very low level. With what activity means, showing a real, efficient and effective fight against corruption, we are not yet at an enviable level or we are at an initial level,” said Nikolovska.

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