We are offering the Government a plan to get out of the energy crisis, which will save EUR 300 million, says Mickoski


Through our partners, we are trying to provide fuel oil for about 200 euros cheaper than the original price per ton. For household electricity needs, which goes through the company EVN Home, through our partners from Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic who cooperate with Gazprom, energy, i.e. gas, will be provided for Te-To to produce electricity, instead of TEC Negotino. The production of electricity, on the other hand, at the thermal power plant in Negotino should be for the industry in the country. During the production of electricity in the Te-To gas plant, the by-product is thermal energy, which can be used for heating the residents of Skopje,” said the party leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, at Thursday’s press briefing, explaining the proposed plan prepared by the opposition for a way out of the energy crisis, which has been submitted to the Government.

Mickoski added that, with all these proposals, the country will save around 300 million euros.


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