FENI shuts down its furnaces on Friday and sends employees home


EURONICEL (formerly FENI) is shutting down its furnaces on Friday and will stop production. A meeting of the management team was held yesterday, at which it was decided that the electric furnace for the production of nickel, which has been under maintenance since the first of June, should be turned off by 2:00 p.m. at the latest today, and that the employees should be released from work with 70 percent of their salary.

“Since long-term maintenance of the electric furnace in a hot state is not advisable from a technical point of view and carries technical-technological risks, and at the same time huge funds are spent, while generating no income, we decided to stop the power supply planned and all resources to direct them to energy projects that aim to provide electricity to continue the production process. In the meantime, all appropriate measures have been taken, if there is a favorable change in the electricity market, or electricity is provided by the state, at a subsidized price, we are ready to restart the process in the shortest possible time,” replied the Euronickel company.


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