Through the heating plants case, the EU and US reports on the rule of legal uncertainty in the country are confirmed, says Chifliganec


Adora engineering will neither be an obstacle nor an alibi for the (non)production of heat energy in Skopje, said Chifliganec in an interview with the Studio 10 show on Thursday evening.

“In this country, one can write a doctorate about the lack of rule of law and what the European Union and the State Department constantly state in their reports. Foreign investors bypassing our country due to legal uncertainty is now seen through Adora Engineering’s domestic investment in East and West Heating, said Vancho Chifliganec, the CEO of Adora Engineering.

The show’s host, Mishko Ivanov, surprised by this statement asked how is it possible that what one has paid for, one cannot get possession of, meanwhile, someone else has been using it illegally for 12 months, and you are paying the installments for the loan. Could it be a case of a criminal association between the institutions of the state, because first BEG and now the state wants to illegally do business with the heating plants.

“There is no rule of law here, property is something sacred. Matters should be resolved through conversation and debate. I am a friend, an investor who loves this country. This is a domestic, Macedonian investment. The state does not have to use Article 33 of the Crisis Management Law, or Article 6 of the Energy Law, I call for reasonable discussions. If I have counted almost 10 million euros, I want to collect our claims adequately without financial benefit and to reach an agreement with the competent institutions”, said Chifliganec.

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