Possibility of returning to mandatory military service not being considered


The Republic of North Macedonia has a professional Army, according to the needs of the country. A strategic decision that will continue to be applied in the future, fulfilling the obligations as a full-fledged member of NATO, said President Stevo Pendarovski.

In his answer to MIA’s question, to state his position regarding yesterday’s statement by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant-Colonel General Vasko Gjurchinovski, who proposed the return of mandatory military service, he replied that the state leadership did not consider the possibility of returning mandatory service in the Army, neither in the past period nor is such a possibility open for the future.

Revoking the obligation of mandatory military service since 2006 and the full professionalization of the Army is a decision that was taken as part of the transformation process of the Army, according to the analyzes and assessments of the country’s resources and needs, in full coordination and consultation with NATO, stated the president and supreme commander of the Armed Forces.

The Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant-Colonel General Gjurchinovski, said in a TV interview on Thursday that the country would gain a lot by returning to military service. He believes that military service of three months would prepare young future staff.



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