The offer I am giving is twice as cheap electricity for companies and the preservation of thousands of jobs, says Mickoski


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, HristijanMickoski, in today’s interview with the  “10 Studio” show on TV24, says that the offer he proposed to the Government means cheaper electricity for the company and the preservation of thousands of jobs, pointing out that the non-acceptance by the government actually shows that it prefers for the businesses to pay twice as much electricity.

“The Government says this, in order to satisfy the consumption that EVN Home supplies, which are the citizens and the industry that are on the regulated market, we guarantee that three units in REC Bitola will work, Oslomej will work, the two turbines of TEC Negotino will work, the hydro potential will work and 40 megawatts will remain surplus. This is what the Government says. If that’s the case, I don’t see business here, because business and the economy are very important and 670 thousand of our fellow citizens feed their families by working for those companies, Feni has already turned off the furnaces, we have not been producing since July 1, BuchimBorovDol from the 1st September does not work, people are on 70 percent of their salary, and some of them will be fired, their contracts have been terminated,” said Mickoski.

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