Trenchevska: Citizens can be confident that there will be funds for the payment of pensions and salaries


The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska, in an interview with TV 24 spoke on several topics that are the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

“Pensioners received their September pensions, increased by 6.8% and according to the new methodology, pensions will be adjusted twice a year, in September and March. The purpose of such a solution is to establish a system for the permanent growth of pensions. In numbers, a pensioner with an average pension of 16,376 denars in August received 17,490 denars in September, compared to June 2017, that is about 3500-4000 denars more money in the account of each pensioner,” said Trenchevska.

Rest assured, there will be funds for the payment of pensions and salaries, Trenchevska said, pointing out that funds for the payment of pensions, salaries and allowances for social and child protection are provided for in the Budget.

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