VMRO-DPMNE’s duties have been fulfilled, contacts have been shared, the Government should adjust the quantities of gas and fuel oil, says opposition party


VMRO-DPMNE’s duties have been fulfilled, the contacts have been shared, and the meetings have been arranged, after which the Government should adjust the quantities of gas and fuel oil, the opposition party said at a press briefing.

After almost two hours of the meeting I can say that as I was worried before the meeting, I share the same concern right after the meeting. I think that in the coming period it is necessary to work hard, to overcome all the problems that will obviously happen to us because the initial scenario that we all have as an assumption, which is that the three blocs in REC Bitola will be functional, one block in REC Oslomej, the two turbines in Negotino, including the good condition of the hydro potential, strengthened by TE-TO Skopje, is essentially difficult to realize, pointed out the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski after Tuesday’s meeting in the Government with the Prime Minister Kovachevski, which lasted 2 hours.

We are ready to make available all the positions which we have, the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi, was appointed by Dimitar Kovachevski as a contact person. Immediately after this meeting, we will contact our positions, we will share the contacts with Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, and from that moment on, we expect this uncertainty in which Macedonia, the citizens, and the economy are currently located to ease. That is, to provide an affordable resource with which we will be able to provide cheap electricity, i.e. cheaper than what is on the stock market, and with that, we will help the citizens, the economy and the state,” Mickoski pointed out.

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