Bulgarian professor apologizes for the victims during the fascist period


Sofia-native professor Ivan Dinev Ivanov, who teaches at the American University in Cincinnati, apologized for all the victims of Bulgaria’s fascist period during an interview with Kanal 5 TV’s political show.
“I apologize for every single person who was killed in Macedonia, and there are such people not only for those who were killed in Macedonia, but also for those who were killed in Greece in the Dramatic Uprising. I say on my own behalf that I am sorry for every single person. Let us now look with different eyes at each other, and move forward”, stressed Dinev Ivanov.
Addressing the audience, the professor said that there is no way to “Bulgarization” of the country.
“Do not fear, dear Macedonian brothers and sisters, there is no way there will ever be Bulgarization, I guarantee you, there is no such thing,” stressed the Bulgarian professor.

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