Vice Zaev starts business of electricity production


Vice Zaev, the brother of the former Prime Minister ZoranZaev, became the manager of a newly established company for the production of electricity registered in the past period – Solar Green Energy, finds out Faktor news portal, NetPress reports.

According to Faktor’s article, the company’s address is on GoceDelchev Street in Strumica, and the owner is PancheZaev, the father of Vice Zaev and former Prime Minister ZoranZaev. The monetary contribution is 5,000 euros, and the activity is “production of electricity”.

It is not known which sources of electricity production ZoranZaev’s father and brother will use. The former prime minister has so far only confirmed that Total Energy, the company owned by his 18-year-old son DushkoZaev, will sell electricity produced out of photovoltaic panels.

“The company belongs to my son. It is about planning to invest in a photonic power plant (solar collectors) in the Strumica valley on an area of ​​five acres and a power of 470 kilowatts. As a family, we are planning investments in photovoltaic power plants and the use of sunlight in addition to the regular activities we do,” Zaev told IRL.

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