Solution is being sought for education and healthcare to pay for cheaper electricity, says PM Kovachevski


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski believes that it is possible to find a solution for the inclusion of all schools in the regulated electricity market and for the inclusion of institutions from the health sector in ESM supply, and that this will not largely affect the increase in the price of electricity on the regulated market.

“That measure was not proposed unilaterally. The Ministry of Economy together with the ESM should make a detailed analysis regarding the inclusion of all schools in the regulated market, then inclusion in ESM of supplying institutions from the health sector considering that they pay a large part of them should be transferred to the final supplier and to a more reliable supplier of electricity”, Kovachevski said.

The PM added that as soon as the requirements of the company, of the economy, are harmonized with the regulations for which the ERC in charge, a final solution will be issued as to what the transfer of new institutions to the regulated market will look like.

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