If the energy system is properly managed, Macedonia will not need to import electricity, Mickoski says


Macedonia will not depend on imported electricity if a plan is made in time for the modernization of the production capacities as it existed 6,7,8,10 years ago in REK Bitola and Oslomej or if, on the other hand, the modernization of the hydro capacities is continued that produce electricity, including all those projects that are a private initiative, as well as the capacity of TE-TO Skopje, Macedonia will not be dependent on imports of electricity”, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in a TV interview.

“With quality management, 600 megawatts can be operational in REC Bitola, plus 100 megawatts from REC Oslomej, from 250 to 350 megawatts from hydroaccumulations, 200 megawatts from TE-TO and 160 from TEC Negotino. To all this, as he said, we can add the Bogdanci wind park, a large number of solar parks that are private initiatives and other energy facilities”, Mickoski added.


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