Tripunovski reveals document: A pellet company close to Nikolovski buys wood from Macedonian forests 10 times cheaper and books millions, PPO to open investigation


PE Macedonian Forests, which this year did not provide even 20% of the required wood mass, which is far from the required amount, besides the fact that this aims to direct buyers to certain private warehouses, it also raised the price of wood mass to the extreme, which resulted in an increase in the price of pellets as well, pointed out Cvetan Tripunovski, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

Tripunovski added that the government also saw a business in the pellets and sold the wood pulp at a price 10 times lower than the market price to companies close to the government, so that they could then make pellets and collect millions of profits. PE Macedonian Forests concluded a contract with the company Eco Life DOOEL, for logging in Sveti Nikole, which is considered to be close to Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski. With this contract, PE Macedonian Forests sells 3,165 cubic meters of wood at a price per cubic meter of 300 denars for cypress and 525 denars for black pine.


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