The opening of the Bulgarian associations is an insult to the country and the nation, says Gjorchev

  • In my opinion, this is not a political issue, this is a constitutional issue, the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia is being attacked here, because the Constitution states exactly what is against the Constitution and what are the rights of the state. Here, Macedonian citizens with Bulgarian self-awareness, who form associations, are directly and deliberately hit,” says the former Macedonian ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria, Marjan Gjorchev.

Gjorchev pointed out that this is a provocation from the Bulgarian side and the Macedonian state should respond accordingly, put an end to those things once and for all. He added that it is good that we have a law on associations and it is important for the Republic of Macedonia to show the Republic of Bulgaria that it was with the red line up to this point and that from here on it can do no more.

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