Janushev: I expect an apology from Arsovska for the hysterical statements, I left JSP financially stable


 I have been seeing and hearing for the last few days that the “imposed” Mayor, Danela Arsovska, for some reasons known only to her, has decided to speak about me and attack me. Alright, that’s legitimate and I have nothing against it, she can do on, but to be honest, I have to point out some facts that are obviously unknown to her, and in fact, where would they come from, says Igor Janushev, former director of Public Transport – JSP Skopje from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.

He added that he was the director of JSP Skopje for almost 3 years.

“I joined the position in February 2015, and I was replaced in November 2017. So yes, I have neither been nor could I be the director appointed by Mickoski. In this almost 3 year period, financial problems were a huge challenge, but also became irrelevant because we worked hard! I left behind a modern and financially stable public enterprise, which you managed to destroy”, Janushev said.

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