Karposh Mayor admitted that his son got a job in M-NAV, but for a lower salary


Damjan Jakimovski, son of the Mayor of the municipality of Karposh Stevcho Jakimovski, is an employee of M-NAV, the company confirmed to “Focus”.

Damjan Jakimovski was the only candidate in the competition that was publicly announced in Vecher and Koha newspapers, where he fulfilled the job requirements and after the job ad expired he was employed by M-NAV, M-NAV replied to Fokus.com.

Now, after the company announced with a positive answer, Mayor Jakimovski also admitted about the employment of his son, but still gave a small correction in terms of salary, because he allegedly did not take 100,000, but only 50,000 denars.

M-Nav is the Macedonian state company that controls the Macedonian skies in terms of air navigation, and is known for paying the highest salaries in Macedonia, on average over 3,000 euros.


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