Macedonia records the highest inflation in the region and there is no real increase in the average salary, Mickoski says


Not only has the average salary not increased as Kovachevski says, but the actual increase is negative, i.e. we have a decrease and every citizen who shops can testify to that, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked to comment on the Government’s praise that the average salary has increased.

Mickoski pointed out that inflation in Macedonia is by far the highest in the region and amounts to 18.7 percent, stressing that the increase is not real, because the prices of food products have increased, and this means that citizens have more expenses and less salary.

Inflation in August, a month that Kovachevski compares, is 18.7 percent and by far the highest in the region, there is no higher inflation rate. Which means that if the average salary has increased by 11.1 as Kovachevski says, the real increase is 7.6 percent in the negative because there is an inflation of 18.7 percent, and an increase much less than that inflation, said Mickoski.


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