Mickoski demands that Brussels give a clear guarantee that there will be no future veto


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said Sunday that the opposition party will not support opening and interventions in the Constitution until the European Union gives guarantees that the country will enter the Union and that the country will not be subject to an additional veto from its eastern neighbor.

“When someone from Europe and Brussels will come and give a clear guarantee to this Macedonian people and to the citizens of Macedonia, then we will be able to sit down and talk about everything. Until then, there will be no changes to the Preamble and no interventions in the Constitution”, Mickoski said.

Asked about the stipulations by the Albanian MPs that they will support the inclusion of other nations in the Preamble only if the Albanian language becomes official in the country, Mickoski said that this was unprincipled and un-European.

“If you are asking me about the process of changing the Preamble of the Constitution in order to include parts of peoples, so as a reaction to that process that process occurs, I can say that it is unprincipled and un-European, because if you believe in the European agenda as they say , they should believe unconditionally and not with conditions. That is the essence of that process”, said the leader of the opposition party.

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