Eight-year-old Makedon, part of ASOM’s “We invest in young talents” campaign


The eight-year-old genius MakedonDimitrovski, whom the media calls the “Macedonian child prodigy”, is the first talent to receive support within the “We invest in young talents” campaign initiated by the Association of Sports Betting of Macedonia (ASOM).

Makedon is a pupil in the third grade inTetovo, has advanced knowledge of mathematics and has the ability to solve mathematical problems since the second year of secondary education. He brought our country two gold medals in mathematics in competition with 4,000 participants from all over the world.

“We provided financial support to the talented little Macedonian, specifically for the purchase of modern technical equipment, i.e. a computer with advanced performance. Within the framework of the campaign, he will be provided with additional financial resources to upgrade his rich knowledge, as well as funds for participation in competitions,” said president of ASOM VaskoIlijevski.

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