Montenegrin NATO soldiers to prepare in Macedonia for an attack on Russia through Bulgaria


A reinforced infantry platoon of the Montenegrin army, which will not number more than 40 soldiers, will be sent to Bulgaria as part of the NATO forces, announced the Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Montenegro, Brigadier General Zoran Lazarevic, reports NetPress on RTCG article.

It is planned that the Montenegrin soldiers will join the NATO combat troops in Eastern Europe by the end of January, according to a previously adopted decision of the Montenegrin parliament.

General Lazarevic informed that it is a “very dangerous task”, because there is a possibility that those troops will be used in a potential NATO conflict with Russia.

“We need a training ground to carry out the task. We will go with armored vehicles. We have a responsibility to the Alias ​​to send fully prepared troops and that is why we need a training ground. A training ground in one of the neighboring countries will be used for this first contingent. I think it will be in Macedonia, said Lazarevic and added that “the state leadership will not allow Montenegrin soldiers to go unprepared for a task”.

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