DUI to evaluate performance of their officials in the executive branch in November


The constitutive session of the new composition of the Central Presidency of DUI lasted for almost 12 hours at the party headquarters in Mala Recica. A large period of the debate was devoted to evaluating the work of party members that are officials in the executive branch.

“Constructive debate, first constitutive session, the points were exhausted in which the structures of the CP were named and the report of the Executive authority was given, after that the review of the report followed, devoting itself to the needs of the people of each project individually and how to improve the efficiency in the implementation of those projects in the function of the citizens, so the debate continues on November 19 in order to exhaust the entire discussion and we continue further,” said party spokesperson Bujar Osmani.

On Saturday, the debate on the work of officials was preceded by the election of 16 secretaries of the same number of secretariats. At the same time, party leader Ali Ahmeti informed about the political situation.

Artan Grubi was elected as Ahmeti’s Chief of Staff, Bujar Osmani as party spokesperson, Arbr Ademi as deputy party spokesperson and Ahmeti’s advisors in various areas.

Among the elected secretaries were Teuta Arifi for the Secretariat for Education and Science, Nevzat Beita for Local Self-Government, etc.

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