VMRO-DPMNE offers seven measures to reduce crisis ramifications


The parliamentary group of VMRO – DPMNE announced that it will propose seven measures to reduce the ramifications caused by the prolonged economic crisis, in the form of proposed laws and amending interventions.

The proposed measures are: 1. Weekend without VAT for food products. 2. Postponement of progressive taxation, which should come into force on 1.1.2023. 3. Supplementing the Law on Financial Support of Citizens with categories of citizens that have been omitted. 4. For students, the return of the subsidized student meal measure as last year and an increase from 120 denars to 16 denars per day. 5. In addition to AD ESM, the oil reserves should be available in the last resort for the educational and health institutions that use these energies for heating. 6. Firewood and pellets should be exempted from VAT and 7. 50% reduction of excise duties for motor fuels, i.e. diesel and gasoline.

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