The software was procured exclusively for the needs of the Government, says former Secretary General Rashkovski


The thesis of the Prosecutor’s Office was refuted by the fact that we proved through the testimony of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, that the software was procured in a completely legal manner, respecting all legal procedures. The software was procured exclusively for the needs of the Government within the framework of fulfilling its obligations, according to Article 40a of the Law on Government, said the former Government General Secretary Dragi Rashkovski, after Tuesday’s hearing on the “Software” case.
“The minister said that each institution disposes and makes purchases according to the available funds within its budgets. He also said that analyzes regarding the improvement of the situation are made not only by the Government, not only by the Republic Council for Road Safety, not only by the Ministry of the Interior, but also by you as journalists if you investigate and the minister confirmed that the Government has even awarded grants through the Fund for innovations or through the General Secretariat to non-governmental organizations or legal entities are aimed at improving traffic safety in the inclusion process”, said Rashkovski.

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